4  Creation of human beings by genetic processing written on Sumerian clay tablets
 There was a civilization that began around 3500 B.C. in the area that is now southern Iraq. It is called the Sumerian civilization. This civilization is very mysterious because, despite its high level of sophistication, it appeared "suddenly, unannounced and out of nowhere." So it is called the Sumerian mystery in archaeology. Sumerian civilization had written script, literature, advanced architecture, law, hospitals, temples, an administration, schools, advanced mathematics, and advanced astronomy from its very beginning even though it was not preceded by another civilization. It is a 8th wonder♪.
(above) The ziggurat of Ur. A temple of the Anunnaki. (below) The Sumerian city Nimrud
 For example, in medical science, Sumerian people knew the method of removing clouded parts of crystalline lens in the case of cataracts. In astronomy, they understood perfectly the earth rotation around the sun, numerical formulae to predict solar eclipses and the orbits of the moon and planets, and the precession of the earth's axis. In Jurisprudence, they had laws that protected workers, the unemployed, and the weak, and their trials used a jury system. In metallurgy, they had the technolgy to make not only gold and copper but also alloys such as bronze.
 How did Sumerian people acquire the same knowledge as we have today ? The Sumerians always said that civilization was a gift from the gods. Also, it is written on Sumerian clay tablets that "Our knowledge is given by Gods who live in Nibiru." Gods is expressed as the word Anunnaki in Sumerian. An is the sky, na is come down, and ki is ground. Anunnaki means "those who came down from the sky." Then who were the Anunnaki ?
                                                               Sumerian cuneiform characters. Design is so cool !
 Tens of thousands of clay tablets inscribed with cuneiform characters have been are discovered in many parts of Sumer. In the 1970s, Zecharia Sitchin, a Jew, announced his results from many years of decoding Sumerian clay tablets. It was written on the clay tablets that extraterrestrials, the Anunnaki, had created humans with genes from the Anunnaki and ape-men, and created civilizations with humans, and that after the Flood, the Anunnaki had taught civilization to humans again. Mr. Sitchin explained the part where the Anunnaki created the first human as follows:
"According to ancient Sumerian documents, at first two sacred substances named Teima and Sill were gathered from the bodies of the Anunnaki. As Teima means "things that preserve memory ", this might be "genes" in today's terms. Sill is "a thing that can be gathered from only males of the Anunnaki ". So it's certain that Sill means sperm. Then the Teima and Sill of the Anunnaki were mixed in a clean bottle with an ape-man ovum. That is to say, the ape-man ovum was inseminated with the sperm of the Anunnaki. The fertilized egg was moved from "the clean bottle"to "a mold " and grown there for a fixed period of time. After that, the fertilized egg was implanted into the womb of the Birth Goddess, that is, the womb of an Anunnaki woman who became the mother. Looking back at the whole procedure, we can see that this is almost the same as the procedure for a test-tube baby today. So what happened next ? An ancient document of Akkad said the following.
Birth Goddess watched over it.
Ninharsag ( a female scientist of the Anunnaki ) counted the months.
The fateful tenth month approached.
The tenth month came, but the time for the womb to open passed.
  This is to say, the birth didn't begin even though it was overdue. Then Ninharsag "covered his head with a cloth, "and opened the womb using tools, and took a fetus out. Ninharsag raised the"new born being "up high, and shouted while shaking with joy.
"I have created ! My hands have made it !"
 An earthling was born by Caesarean as a hybrid between the Anunnaki and the ape-man.
The clay tablet on which is drawn the scene of birth of the first human being by genetic processing of the Anunnaki.
 The whole story that the Anunnaki created the new humans, that is to say, us earthlings, as a hybrid between the Anunnaki and the ape-man from Earth is written in Sumerian ancient documents.
Anunnaki scientists created earthlings by cloning to labor for the Anunnaki.
According to Sitchin's decipherments, the lower ranks of the Anunnaki, who were assigned to hard labor in the Earth's gold mines, rebelled. That is why Enki, an Anunnaki scientist, created man to do this toil instead of the Anunnaki.
The gods were given labor like humans and bore the toil
The toil of the gods was heavy
The labor was harsh
It caused much pain
 The Anunnaki who were engaged in hard labor rebelled against the leader Enlil. Then Anu, who was of a higher rank than Enlil, came to Earth and held a meeting. The scientist Enki suggested an idea at the meeting.
There is the Birth Goddess
So let her create a primitive worker
Let that being be yoked
Let that being bear the toil of the gods
 Ancient Sumerian documents say that these circumstances produced the first human being, an earthling. The man was called "Lulu"in Sumerian and the letters mean "mixed one". Once the Anunnaki had created a complete human, they tried to mass produce them for labor. The method was the following.
Ninki seized fourteen lumps of clay
She put seven on the right and 7 on the left
She put the mold between them
・・・・to cut the umbilical cords
Wise and erudite twice seven birth goddesses gathered
Seven goddesses bore men and seven goddesses bore women
The birth goddesses bore the wind of the breath of life
Those are pairs and finished in front of her
 We could not understand what these words meant before. But now in the 21st century, one can think that the method to produce man and woman in this ancient document must be cloning technology. Mr. Sitchin explained as follows.
"Cloning technology was used to propagate human beings at first. Human beings at that time were like mules and didn't have the ability to reproduce because they were hybrids between the Anunnaki and ape-man. But the women of the Anunnaki called "birth goddesses"had to offer their wombs and suffer the processes of pregnancy and delivery. This was very hard and risky labor and they needed to come up with some measures quickly. Then Enki began to work on humans who had reproductive potential. ....Soon Enki succeeded in creating humans who were able to reproduce."
Were earthlings created by humans who came from another planet and had more advanced science?
Are these Sumerian documents nonsense? Are they just the fantasy of an ancient people? No, I think they are not. Many scholars respect Sumerian civilization. Surely we can trust the words of the civilization that was the first in the world to establish of schools, the first to conceive of the bi-cameral parliamentary system, the first to have laws, and that left behind a wealth of knowledge such as that spring equinox moves with precession of the earth's axis ?
 Certainly we might not have understood these documents fifty years ago. However, cloning is now becoming just a realistic method. The company Clonaid cloned a child who died at the age of ten months old due to a medical error and gave him life again. The company cloned him by harvesting his forehead cells and using a surrogate mother.
 Advanced nations are hurrying to develope cloning technology. Cloning will be realized in the fairly near future. If cloning technology is developed, those who don't have hands or legs can attach their own hands and legs. In heart transplants, people can obtain their own heart from their own cells instead of using a heart from another person. Moreover immortal life, that is, eternal life will be realized by cloning one's body and downloading one's DNA into the body.
 We know that the form of life changes precisely by genetic manipulation. A fluorescently shining mouse was produced as a result of the insertion of jelly fish genes. It's obvious that the form of life changes better when man manipulates genes. Dr. Kazuo Murakami, Professor Emeritus at Tsukuba University, who is famous for his analysis of the rennin gene, stated that the conventional theory that life was formed naturally is impossible.
"Speaking of nature, we may visualize seas, mountains, rivers, forests, and woods. And we tend to think that these were formed naturally on the earth. But let's think about it more carefully. Especially in the case of life, its materials are very orderly arranged on the basis of a design called "DNA". The arrangement of the placing is very purposeful. The materials are chosen carefully and all the information about the materials is included. Information is not collected if doing nothing. It's the same as how even the simple design of a radio can't be drawn by doing nothing. In music, placing notes randomly can't make a tune. It's obvious that the power of volition comes into play to make something. I think that the case of life is also the same. I can't help thinking that life would not have been born on the earth without a great creative volition to "create life like this to make humans." I strongly feel this in the field of cutting edge science."
 Setting aside old common sense, is it not a more reasonable idea that people from other planet with advanced science created humans by genetic manipulation than that the forms of life change spontaneously or that a supernatural God created humans ?
 The author of "Gods of the new millennium", Alan F. Alford said the following.
"Is it so unbelievable that human beings were created by flesh-and-blood gods ? But the other remaining lines of thought are.....only the Creation by God or Darwinism. Abandoning all preconceptions, if anything, it is these two that are unbelievable ! ("Gods of the New Millenium," Alan F. Alford, Kodansha, Hodder and Stoughton)
     Mr.Alford's nice smile from his web site. 
 Considering the technology that is almost in our grasp, as Mr.Alford said, I think that it is not such a surprising thing that humans were created by flesh- and-blood people that used to be called "gods." I personally can't believe that wings grow from backs naturally or that one can believe in a "god"who doesn't exist.
 Though old-time belief such as in gods existing above the clouds are romantic, the time has come to change such beliefs in god that have been handed down from father to son. The truth is that other humans who used to be called "gods"exist !
  The participation by a third people
You may remember the ancient document of the scene where Ninki of Sumer was cloning. There is an identical story in the North American Continent, too. The indigenous Hopi people have handed down this story as a part of their myths.
 "The creation of mankind... So Spider Woman gathered earth, this time of four colors, yellow, red, white, and black, mixed with tuchvala, the liquid of her mouth; molded them; and covered them with her white-substance cape which was the creative wisdom itself. As before, she sang over them the Creation Song, and when she uncovered them these forms were human beings in the image of Sotuknang. Then she created four other beings after her own form. They were wuti, female partners, for the first four male beings." ( Book of the Hopi  Frank Waters  A penguin book )
 This is also something like an ancient story, but it is obvious that the story indicates cloning. The myths of the Hopi tell of the creation of humans by the creator Taiowa, of the three times that the world was destroyed (the third time was the destruction by the Flood), and that the present world is the fourth time and started with people who survived the Flood in a boat of reeds (the same boat of reeds as in the Bible). The myth says that the creator Taiowa will take away the land from us if humans turn to evil again.
 As I mentioned before, there are plenty of stories all over the world in which man is created, evil flourishes on the earth, angry gods destroy the world in a flood, only faithful people survive in a boat, and the world of humans begins again. In addition, the stories of Heaven and Hell can be seen all over the world where we go across a river when we are dead, go in front of the King of Hell, and are judged as to whether we did more good or evil. There are also many stories telling that people from the sky or the sea taught us civilization after the Flood. It is certainly characteristic that every civilization appeared suddenly. Moreover these similar stories are not ones that were transmitted from one tribe another, but ones that each individual tribe had preserved. Many scholars in the world have said about this that a third party must have participated.
Somehow the mark of swastika can be seen all over the world. The swastika means that all things in the universe circulate. From the upper left, swastikas of Christianity, Malta, Tibet, Lapland, Hinduism, Celts, Bali, Ceylon, China, Japan, Isram, Aztecs, Jainism, Jewry. By the way, Nazis only imitated the mark.
Greek mosaic of 2500 years ago. It is also a swastika.This is in the British Museum.
The lithograh that the god Masaw gave the Native American Fire tribe. Please look at the swastika mark at the top left. Native Americans also have the mark that can be seen all over the world. Doesn't there seem to be a third party involved ?
For example, Dr. Emery, the professor of Egyptology at the University of London, spoke of the similarity between Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations as follows.
"The impression we get is of an indirect connection, and perhaps the existence of a third party, whose influence spread to both the Euphrates and the Nile. A third party whose cultural achievements were passed on independently to Egypt and Mesopotamia would best explain the common features and fundamental differences between the two civilizations."
 I conjecture that this third party must be extraterrestrial people.
Several proofs that extraterrestrial people exist.
The first researcher into Sumer, Zecharia Sitchin, explained that the Sumerian gods, the Anunnaki were expressed as a rocket named dingir in picture writing. Dingir is usually translated as "gods,"but it seems that a more precise meaning is "right people in a burning rocket." Mr Sitchin said that there are two types of aircraft. "Gir"is a rocket that can pass through the atmosphere, and "mu"is an aircraft that flies in the the earth's skies. A flying saucer with wings often appears in Sumerian sculpture.
In both two pictures, what exists in the upper center is the standard Sumerian winged flying saucer. According to the study of Mr. Katsuragi, the central tree symbolizes the tree of DNA, and the King and his clone are saying "wow !"in surprise and pointing at one another.
 The statue of the Sumerian goddess Ishtar is wearing something like a flight uniform and has what looks like on her head. The helmet is named Shugarla and in Sumerian Shugarla means "a thing that lets you go to the far away universe."And it is also said that the goddess Ishtar piloted her own sky chamber (an air palace). Other sculptures of the goddess Ishtar are clearly wearing goggles and a helmet.
The special protective suit of the goddess Ishtar. Ancient documents said that ishtar wore it and fought her way into the temple of Ereshkigal. The helmet looks incredible. Please note the functinal appearance of her back.
(Left) A relief of Ishtar in a space suit. It's so cool. (Two pictures on the right) Clay figures of Anunnaki pilots excavated in Sumer. The eyes are goggles.
 Stories about men who came flying frm the sky and about flying objects are very popular not only in Sumer but also in myths, clay figures, paintings, festivals of all over the world.
 In the Indian myth named "Mahabharata," flying vehicles called vymana appear many times. Moreover, a flight manual for vymana pilots named Vymaanika Shaastra still remains.
"When enemy aircrafts approach in full force and you are likely to be shot down, light vyshwanaranara, that is, the power of jyuwarini in the pipe located in the center of the airplane, and turn the two wheel dials to raise the temperature to 87 degrees. Then the burning power of jyuwarini will engulf and burns up the enemy plains."
 It is amazing that this was written in a book from 4000 years ago. Moreover, "Mahabharata" gives a descripition of nuclear weapons that were used by the gods in war.
"Attacking with any weapons had no effect for these three cities. Cruz who was flying in a fast and strong vymana and manipulating a thunderbolt dropped on the three cities the weapon that made even the gods feel scared and greatly pained. A sparkling column rose up with twisting bright smoke and fire such as a gathering of ten thousand suns. All the people in the three cities were burnt to ashes. One could not distinguish to whom the dead bodies belonged. Their hairs and nails had fallen out. Birds turned white and all the food was poisoned."
 This is obviously a description of a nuclear explosion. This story is from about 4,000 years ago. It seems that the developers of American nuclear weapons in World War 2 also referred to these descriptions. Airplanes are still called vymana today in India. When airplanes were first introduced to india, there was no need to create a new word for "airplane."
(Left) A drawing of a vymana drawn based on the technical airship book "Vaishasu". (Right) Typical temples of South India. Temples are called vymana and it's said that they imitated airships. They look rather like a launching pad.
(Left) The popular god Ganesh is often seen in India. According to the cosmic archaeologist E.V. Daniken, Ganesh's nose is a stylized representation of an astronaut's oxygen mask. (Right) A statue of Ganesh. He is using an oxygen mask now.
 In Colombia, South America, many gold works of airplanes that look like a space shuttle have been discovered. These gold works confirm so well to aerodynamic principles that specialists in aerodynamics such as Dr. Arthur Poisley of the New York Aviation Institute have praised them highly. The letter b in Aramaic, the early form of Hebrew from 4,000 years ago is carved on the tail of the shuttle. A person in Germany made a precise model of the shuttle and actually flew it; apparently the model flew very well. In Colombia, many other gold works of astronauts, space observatories, and space stations have been found.
(Above) Ancient space shuttles of Colombia. They look like Thunderbird 2. (Below) Gold works found in colombia of a space-suited extraterretrial. The trumpet-shaped edge of the helmet is both functional and playful. The extraterrestrial has a ray gun in its hand. Penis is also funny.
 Bronze works of airplanes have been discovered in China, too. Fish-like bronze works were found in ruins in Liaoning from 2500 years ago (the end of the Spring and Autumn Annals period). However, as we can see from looking at their tails, they are clearly jet planes. Those objects are beyond the imagination of people in olden times, but it is easy for people today to understand them. The mask at the bottom is typical of the many masks excavated from the remains of Sanxingdu in Sichuan. It is said that the gods are the motif of the masks. Observing them closely, the eyes have been made shaded like goggles, and the ears look very mechanical. This must be a helmet for extraterrestrials to use on the earth.
(Above) 4 China air planes. (Below) The shading for the eyes is exactly the same as Japanese shielded dogu (clay figurines).
 Shielded dogu are very famous in Japan. The reason why scientists from NASA asked to examine these eccentric clay figures was that they are lovers of clay figures...no. It was for the study of space suits. It has been said before that shielded dogu represented extraterrestrials. NASA recognized this more seriously. It is also known that the clay figures are made with the same techniques as today's latest technology known as the carbon fiber method and high-tech ceramics method.
Hi, I am a dogu. I am hollow, and made of thin, strong ceramic. A single-seater jet plane of 3000 years ago excavated from the Tuspa ruins in Turkey. The head is missing, but you can see that the pilot is perched securely in his seat.
 The United Nations announced that about a hundred million people around the world have seen a UFO. I also saw a cigar-shaped UFO with two of my friends when I was ten years old. A space ship was gently floating at rest softly in the blue sky at around three o'clock in the afternoon. There were latticed lines on the silver body. The UFO stayed there for about 30 seconds and after that it faded away. We three stood open- mouthed and my friend next was frozen with his finger pointing to the sky.
 Looking back at it now, we three kids all happened to be UFO enthusiasts. Those who were in the UFO may have thought, "Oh, there are three kids who are interested in UFOs. Well, we'll let them see our space ship. Then when they grow up, that the three friends saw a UFO together will be evidence that this experience is not an illusion. Ha, ha, ha.... " I don't know whether they laughed like thet or not, but I think that the situation was probably something like that.
 (Above) Correct UFO part 1. Those who can go into outer space freely are generally peaceful without exception. Let's wave your hands to them if you see them !
 This experience tells that there really are people who possess advanced science so that a UFO is the equivalent of a car in our world. In that sense, to see a spaceship may not be such an exciting thing. It's the same as when primitive people who never have seen the outside world see a car for the first time and explaim "Wow !". As a school boy, I was so cool that he exclaimed with my best excitement "Wow !"at seeing a UFO.
                           The genius often laugh hahahaha〜♪
 In the 1980s, many famous scientists, like the world leader in molecular physics Francis Crick (a Nobel Prize winner) who discovered DNA, announced that " Beings who are far more intelligent than us planned to house life in a far away galaxy, and transplanted it to the earth." The scientists who made this announcement are people with established status and prestige, such as university professors and directors of research institutes. It took courage for such people to insist that extraterrestrials created human beings. That they could, nevertheless, not help but make this assertion displays their earnestness. It merits applause bravo bravo !